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About us

“Quality, price and service. Is our best description”.

      Vekaja Corp is the result of a family business, which emerged in Venezuela in 2007 and due to the great receptivity, We decided to expand it internationally in 2013. Currently, our headquarters operates from Miami, a place that allows us to have a greater scope at a world. We import jewels in 925 sterling silver, plated with gold and rhodium, of the highest quality and variety, to distribute them to the major seeking to satisfy the most demanding tastes, as well as the most innovative trends of each country, without neglecting our quality and price, for it we work hand by hand with excellent factories in Europe and Asia.    
      Our goal is to make our clients feel identified with the company, for which we strive to offer the best and most immediate customer service.We want to help you in the search and selection of those pieces  that enhance beauty. You can choose between the hundreds of models already exhibited and the new pieces that we will continue adding for each season. We offer online purchase with national and international shipping and personalized service in which we strive to make our clients feel well cared for.
      If you have any questions or concerns about any of the terms and conditions, privacy policies, or any policy of use exposed, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.